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Anderson Shipping  offers all aspects of special transport by ship, including full and part charter.

We are well-respected and well-known in the vessel charter market and have close relationships with ship owners. 


We can offer:

✅ Voyage Charter whereby we arrange a vessel to carry cargo from one designated port to another,            or one port range to another.

✅ Time Charter where we pay for the use of a vessel for a specific period.

✅ Part Charter which is usually based on a voyage charter party model, where we can arrange freight        on board a vessel for less than a full load of cargo, via special arrangement with the ship owner.

✅ Sales agent to ship owners and 3PL for shippers, forwarders & NVOCC.

✅ Primary business aligned to oil & gas industry for break bulk and heavy lifts.

✅ Works closely with manufacturers, shippers, and foreign freight forwarders.

✅ Style the means of transport to cargo offered, reaping economic rewards for the shipper.

✅ Onsite supervision at key times, before and during movement to destination.

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